Hexagon Found on the North Pole of Saturn

The Hexagon shape found on Saturn is quite significant because in Astrology, Saturn has always been associated with the nation of Israel and the Star of David is a hexagram shape (6 pointed star).

This huge Hexagon on the north pole of Saturn could be a crystalline structure. It reminds me of the hexagon rock pipes found in Southwestern United States and also in Australia. Maybe this hexagon on Saturn is a crystalline structure because how can the winds on Saturn travel in a hexagon pattern? If there is a crystalline structure than the outside and inside winds would be forced to travel in a hexagon pattern as we observed on Saturn. (Normally winds circulate either in either a straight, circular or oblong pattern. Winds cannot travel in a hexagon pattern unless being forced to!) This hexagon on Saturn was not discovered by man until after the modern day nation of Israel was instituted.

God put this amazing hexagon on Saturn thousands of years ago to surprise and delight us with his sovereignty and majesty and to confound the arrogant scientists who do not believe in Him.

(See the JPL Labs (Jet Propulsion Labs) for a picture of the hexagon on Saturn.)