Posted for the October 25th, 2008 broadcast:

"Scientists discover the exact location of the Red Sea Crossing"

New scientific discoveries locate the exact crossing point on the Red Sea where God parted the Red Sea and swallowed up the Egyptian Army to allow Moses and the Israelites to continue their Exodus out of Egypt to the promised land.

This topic was broadcast on Saturday, October 25th, 2008 at 10:15AM on WPJL (1240 on the AM dial). Listen to it by clicking on this link: The Red Sea Crossing


There is an excellent video on this topic that was produced by Campus Crusade for Christ and Discovery Media Productions called "The Exodus Revealed", sub-titled "Search for the Red Sea Crossing". I can highly recommend this video. Actually seeing the pictures of the underwater evidence and the detailed presentation by biblical scholars and scientists is quite amazing.

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(From the jacket of the VHS video tape.)

"The Biblical account of Moses and the children of Israel has been called the most compelling story ever told. Yet, today, a cloud of skepticism surrounds this ancient narrative.

Did Israel's flight from bondage really occur? Or, are the extraordinary events described in the Scriptures nothing more than legend or myth?

The Exodus Revealed will trace the footsteps of the Israelites from the "land of Goshen" to the base of Mt. Sinai in search of archeological evidence that could solve a timeless mystery.

This remarkable journey of discovery will reveal stunning confirmation for the Exodus, including: the route the Israelites followed to the shores of the Red Sea, the coral encrusted artifacts possibly from the chariots of Pharaoh's 18th dynasty army, and the true location of the holy mountain of God."

The archeological treasures uncovered in "The Exodus Revealed" have been concealed for more than 3000 years. Now, they may finally validate one of the most important and controversial stories in Judeo-Christian history."