Posted 28-Apr-2009

What to do with your old unused cell phones?

Turn you old unused, disconnected cell phones into free emergency phones. If you have a car charger with it, then keep it in your glove compartment for emergency use. If you have a home charger, keep it around for emergency use.

Most old cell phones can still be used to dial 911. And in most locations, you can still dial other numbers provided you pay the costs for each phone call with a credit card.Try it yourself, take one of your unused cell phones and turn it on and dial a number and see whether or not a telephone company will pick up the call and ask for your credit card in order to complete the call.

Its expensive but if you are stuck in your car without your regular cell phone, then being able to make a call say to AAA automobile club or a friend or a relative may indeed be worth the cost involved. And the ability to call 911 for free may also work.

IMPORTANT: Do not rely on this method for emergency calls because it may not work but keeping a used cell phone in your car as a potential emergency backup that may or may not work is better than simply throwing that old cell phone away.