The Virgin Birth

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(Scientifically and Theologically Necessary!)

 Since we are celebrating the birth of the Messiah during this Christmas season, I thought it would be appropriate that we review the Virgin Birth and the genealogy of Jesus.


The genealogy of Jesus is mentioned in Matthew, Chapter 1 verses 1-16, and in Luke, Chapter 3 verses 23-38. In Matthew the genealogy is traced through Joseph’s line and in Luke, the genealogy of Jesus is traced through Mary’s line. Note that the two genealogies show that both Mary and Joseph were from the tribe or the house of David.


Why are there two different genealogies? Both genealogies are absolutely necessary and in God’s wisdom, he inspired the writers of these two Gospels so that the Bible contains both genealogies. Both genealogies are just one of the many proofs of the fulfillment of God’s prophesies and part of God’s plan for the salvation of mankind.


But I first need to talk about the Virgin Birth for a moment and then we will get back to see how the two genealogies fit into the epic story of the birth of the Messiah.


You see, Jesus had to be born of a virgin. It was not just to fulfill prophesy! It was not just a wondrous sign. Let me explain. It was necessary that Jesus was not to be born from the seed of a man.


If Jesus was born from the seed of a man, he would have been born with the stain of the Original Sin, “The original sin of Adam”. And yet, at the same time, Jesus had to be from the House of David to be King. So how did God accomplish these seemingly, paradoxical requirements. It was accomplished by the Virgin Birth and by having both parents of Jesus be from the house of David. So both genealogies were very important because they show that both Mary and Joseph were from the House of David. Let me explain further.


First, to fulfill prophesy, Jesus had to be descendent from the royal line of David. Hence his human father Joseph had to be from the royal line of David to pass on that legal title to Jesus. But at the same time, the Messiah could not be born directly from the seed of a man or he would inherit the stain of original sin, “The Sin of Adam”. Hence, Jesus could not be born directly from the seed of Joseph.

But the Virgin Birth which God promised and prophesied about fulfils all the requirements. Since Mary was also from the House of David, she provides the physical connection to King David and Joseph being from the House of David provides Jesus with the legal claim and title to Kingship as a descendant from the Royal Line of David. And then the Virgin Birth avoids the stain of original sin.


It’s wonderful and marvelously how everything in the Bible is true and how everything fits together in such an elegant fashion.


The Virgin Birth is a keystone of the Christian faith. I claim that Christianity cannot exist without the Virgin Birth, that’s how important I think it is. It’s as important as the Resurrection. If anyone could prove that Jesus was not born of a Virgin or that Jesus did not rise from the dead, I claim then that Christianity would be without hope, without foundation.


Let me explain some more about the Virgin Birth. We need to go back to Genesis for the full explanation. You all know the story of Adam and Eve. How Eve was tempted by the Devil to disobey God by eating the fruit from “The Tree of the knowledge of good and evil”. And you know how she tempted Adam to also commit the same sin.


Now Eve committed the first sin and men always like to tease that the woman is the temptress. We like to blame everything on Eve and on women in general.

But the Bible never blames Eve. The Bible always talks about sin of Adam. All the Jewish writings and oral tradition, always blame Adam; it was Adam’s sin. The sin in carried in the male seed not in the woman’s seed which is the egg.


Review the story of Adam and Eve and you will see how smart the Devil. Notice that the Devil did not try to tempt Adam first. He was smart enough to know that if he wanted to make sure that all of Mankind would be condemned by God, then that he had to get both Adam and Eve to sin and he had to get Eve to sin first. Why?


Because, if Adam had sin first and then he tempted Eve to join him in his sin, technically, Eve would have been innocent of that sin because Adam was the spiritual leader. So if Eve obeyed Adam, she could claim innocence. “God, you put Adam in charge and he told me to eat the fruit.”


So you see, the Devil was very clever, for he got Eve to sin on her own. And then the devil and Eve together got Adam to sin. And so all of mankind was condemned!


So it’s Adam’s sin. He is responsible because he was the leader. The seed of Adam contains the sin. The “Original Sin” has it is called. The seed of Adam contains the curse of God.


So you see now how this relates to the Virgin Birth. If the Messiah had been born from the seed of a man, he would be born in sin. He would inherit the stain of the original sin of Adam.


So Jesus was born of a virgin and the pure sinless male seed was provided by the Holy Spirit of God. This was a marvelous supernatural event. All of which was necessary and all of which was part of God’s wonderful way of providing for the salvation of mankind.


By the way this concept of Virgin Birth, and the birth of the sinless Messiah is called “The Incarnation” of Jesus.


Now Ann Graham Lotz got it right.

Some of you women may have attended or listen to Ann Graham Lotz, Billy Graham’s daughter who is an excellent preacher. You may have heard her do what I call her Male Bashing speech. She doesn’t like me to call it that. But her male bashing is rightly deserved.


She goes on a tirade against Adam. Where were you Adam? You fell down on the job. You didn’t do your job. You didn’t protect Eve. You did not take on your responsibilities. You were to be the spiritual leader not Eve. God talked directly to you Adam. God gave you the one commandment that neither you nor Eve should have disobeyed.


And Adam, when Eve was tempted, Adam you were there. Why didn’t you defend her against the Devil? Why didn’t you protect her? Why didn’t you take her away from the Devil and his temptation?

And Adam even when Eve sinned, afterwards why did you not go to the Lord and plead for her. Plead for her forgiveness. Plead for her salvation. Instead you joined her in her sin. And so you Adam you condemned yourself and all your descendents. You Adam were responsible. God holds you responsible, not Eve.


Then Anne Lotz goes on to compare Adam and Eve with today’s relationships between men and women. And she gives women many insights for successful- living with a man in today’s sinful world.

So Anne Lotz got it right. It is indeed Adam’s sin!


But let’s get back to the Good News. During this Christmas season, celebrate the marvelous, wonderful, supernatural event of the Virgin Birth of Jesus, the Messiah; celebrate the Christ child. Also celebrate Mary and Joseph; two great saints of the Church who were willing to obey God and trust Him.


Mary may be over celebrated by the Catholics but surely she is under appreciated by the Protestants. Mary is a great saint of the Church and deserves our honor. She was a courageous, young Jewish teenager who obeyed and trusted the Lord.

[All nations will call me blessed and she was highly regarded by God]


And celebrate Joseph. He is perhaps the most unappreciated saint during the Christmas season. Yet he was a great saint. He obeyed God and trusted him. He obviously loved Mary a lot and was willing to take on the humiliation and scorn of his neighbors and friends by marrying Mary. He was a man of great character and faith. The Bible says, he was credited as a man of righteousness.


And celebrate the shepherds who were raised from their lowly position in society and were privileged by God to be the first to hear the Tidings of Great News, The Tidings of Great Joy.


And a few days after the birth of the Messiah, celebrate Simeon, the Jewish Priest who was promised by the Spirit of God that he would see the Messiah born before he died. What a wonderful story of faith and fulfillment of God’s promises.


And celebrate the magi, the wise men who came much later after traveling a long distance to come and worship the Christ child because they knew that the Messiah would be more than a King of the Jews, they knew that he would be a man-God, God with us in the flesh, Emmanuel. So they came from afar to worship the Christ child.

Celebrate the Christmas star, which in some mysterious way; lead the wise-men directly to where the baby Jesus could be found. Quite some GPS system!


Celebrate God’s all of the supernatural events and all the miracles surrounding the birth of the Messiah. There are some many joyous stories surrounding the Christmas story to bring great joy to the believers in the Messiah. What a wonderful and joyous time, Christmas is.


Now if you are listening to this message and are not a born-again believer, I hope and pray that this message will convince you of the miraculous signs that Jesus was the Messiah, the Christ, the promised one. That he was God with us, in the flesh. That God humbled himself in a way we will never fully appreciate nor understand, He humbled himself to become a small baby, to show us the way to the truth and to suffer for our sins because ultimately all sins are really sins against God and only God can truly forgive sins and only God can make up for our sins.


So humble yourself this Christmas season and repent of your sins and worship the Christ child. Change your mind and change your life and accept the great gift of love. Accept God’s great gift of salvation and enjoy the hope of eternal life and feel the joy you will experience in celebrating Christmas as a new creation.


If you are non-believer and you are still hesitant to do this. I warn you that Jesus is returning again. But Jesus is not coming again as the baby! NO! He is coming as the Lion of Judah. Watch out. Your arrogance, your resistance to the Ultimate Truth will be melt in a split second when you face the wrath of God for your sins. So change your mind, repent now before it is too late.


God bless you and have Merry Christmas and A Happy New year!


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