Squirrels in the Church!

A couple of years ago, there was a particularly severe winter in the NC mountains and the small town of Mountainside, NC had a problem with squirrels.

It seems the local squirrels invaded most of the churches in the town including the local synagogue seeking shelter from the extreme cold.

Well the deacons of the Baptist church got together and tried capturing and drowning the squirrels in the church baptistery; this only led to an increase in the invasion of squirrels as it seems they past the word on to each other that there was fresh water and a bath in the Baptist church.

Well there was a Presbyterian church in the town as well and the Presbyterian leadership got together in a formal presbytery meeting and declared that the squirrels were pre-destined to be there and left the squirrels alone.

The Methodist church leaders got together and after much discussion came to the conclusion that these were God’s creatures and should be loved and left alone.

The members of the Unitarian church in the town, held a democratic meeting on the problem of the squirrels and the majority voted that they should simply TOLERATE the squirrels.

But the synagogue in Mountain Side NC had the best solution. They made the squirrels official members of their congregation.

After that, they only saw the squirrels on religious holidays!


After the success in the Jewish synagogue, the Catholic Church leaders got together and also made their squirrels honorary members of the church and then after that they only saw the squirrels at Christmas and Easter.

So the Baptist church then decided to try the same tactic. But every time the "church doors were open", in came the squirrels!

(Baptists are supposed to be in church whenever the church doors are opened!)