Save on NC fule taxes!

Well, I promised you that I would occasionally give you some useful tips. So here is your financial TIP FOR THE DAY.

If you own a boat and buy either gasoline or diesel fuel for it, Did you know that you can receive a refund for the NC state tax on that fuel. You simply have to fill out North Carolina Dept of Revenue form called GAS-1201.
You can find a sample of that form and instructions on my web site,

The purpose of this fuel tax refund is this, since the NC state tax on fuel is supposed to be used primarily for road construction and maintenance, the state will give you a refund for any fuel used in a vehicle that is used primarily off the road, Like boats, farm tractors, etc.

Most farmers already know about this refund but I dare say that most boaters do not know about it. The refund is about 20 cents per gallon. So save your receipts and get your refund. I saved about $50 last year. And in today’s’ turbulent times, every penny helps. So see my website for more details.

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That’s your Financial Tip for the Day!