No Sin In Heaven

 (Copyright @2009 by Yonko Mali, All rights reserved.)

I suddenly realized the other day, that there wouldn’t be any sin in heaven.

DUD. That’s obvious you say. I know, us guys take longer to catch on.

But to me it was like an epiphany. There wouldn’t be any sin in heaven.

And specifically I was comforted by the realization that I would not be sinning in heaven! I would not be a sinner any more.

Even as a Christian, do you get frustrated with the sins you commit every day.

Like Paul, says I do what I don’t want to do and I do not do that which I should be doing.

Even on a good day. Do you get up and you think you are off to a good start because you had time to do your morning devotion and your are well rested and you ask the Holy Spirit to help you through the day.

But then by the end of that day

Do you feel embarrassed when you say your evening prayers?

Sorry Lord, I can’t believe I did it again.

I wasn’t the best witness for you today, was I?

Well I had those thoughts many times so the other day when I suddenly realized that there would not be any sin in Heaven and that I would not have to worry about sinning myself. Wow, what a good thought.

And then I also thought, --- you know, there won’t be any other people sinning either.

There wouldn’t be any people angry at me, there won’t be any people yelling at me, taking advantage of me, abandoning me, not loving me. They won’t be anyone making demands on me, and there won’t be any people disappointed in me.

Wow, won’t that be nice.

But even though there would be any other sinners in heaven, I was most comforted by the fact that I myself would not be a sinner and that I would no longer have to worry about sinning. Because my glorification would be complete.

So I hope this thought encourages you today.

 = = =

Did you ever see the movie Ground Hog day? It’s a movie starring funny man Bill Murray and beautiful Andie MacDowell. It’s about a newscaster who is assigned to go to that famous small Pennsylvania town call Punxsutawney and he has to cover the Ground Hog day ceremonies.

He is reluctant to go and his attitude is bad and worst yet, they get stuck in the town due to a snow blizzard and when he wakes up the next day, something weird happens, he has to repeat the day over again. And each night when he goes to be, he wakes up repeating the same day over again.

Well since he is interested in the beautiful Andie, he uses his weird circumstances of improving himself with the aim of gaining the favor of the girl he loves. He eventually gets everything right and he wins the hand of Andie. He has a perfect day.

And I was thinking how this movie could have been a great Christian movie with the theme of how many times would we have to repeat just one day in our life to get it right! For us guys, I know it would take much longer than you gals.

But yeah, how many times do you think you would have to repeat this very day over again until you got it perfect? Think about it. And see that movie Ground Hog day. It’s funny and it only has a few objectionable scenes but nothing too bad for mature Christians and even older teenagers - especially compared to most movies that are out there. It’s a PG movie.