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Starting 01-June-2009, you will now need a passport to travel to Canada, Mexico, Bermuda and the Caribbean. Your driver's license will no longer be sufficient. You can either use a regular passport or the new Credit Size Passports which are now available from the government when traveling to these countries.

Travel Tip for Today

Beginning June 1st, if you are planning on traveling to Canada or Mexico, Bermuda or anyplace in the Caribbean, you will now need a passport. Your driver’s license will no longer be sufficient.

Travel Tip: Credit Size Passports

But you can now get a pocket size passport, it’s about the size of a credit card.  However it is only good for traveling to these countries that I have mentioned. The cost is $45 and $35 for minors. If you already have a passport and want to get this pocket sized passport for convenience then it will only cost you $20.

 This pocket sized passport was primarily intended for people who cross the borders on a regular basis. Like the people in Windsor, Canada who cross the border to work in Detroit Michigan or the people who cross into Mexico on a daily basis.

However, anyone can apply for this pocket size passport.

Travel Tip: Traveling With Infants - Birth Certificate Needed

Also remember that if you travel anywhere with infants, it is best to have a copy of their birth certificate with you. Even if you travel in the United States by airplane, they will want to see a birth certificate of any infant you are carrying.

 So have a good trip that is my travel tip for today.