I would like to share just part of my testimony with you because my full story would take too long. It took me 14 long years to become a Christian and I thank the Lord for his patience. I believe the Lord’s gives everyone a fair amount of time to come to salvation - be it 5 minutes or 14 long years like in my case. And I believe it was all part of God’s plan anyway for his benefit and his glory.

 You see because during those 14 years, I had a lot of questions and I found many answers. I was stubborn too. I did not want to make a big mistake. And now I believe I can help others come to a saving knowledge of the Lord by the all the answers I found from my research and from other people’s insights.

 But I want to tell you just one part of my story. I was living in South Florida at the time, in Boca Raton, Florida and an EE team came by our house. My wife was already saved about a year earlier and I was always willing to talk “religion”. I always liked a good argument and I could be a good Devil’s advocate. That’s one talent I picked up from my large family fights and arguments.


And I was basically a wise guy, an egotist, a smart aleck. There is a stronger word I could use but I cannot use it on the air. So I basically tore this EE team up to threads - at least in my own estimation. I found that most people did not know theology very well, they did not even know what they believed in very well or they simply could not express it very well. So I had given this group a very hard time.


There was one young man in the group who had just become a Christian. And after this EE team left my house, this young man came back by himself and banged on my door fairly late at night. And he said to me, “I can’t answer your questions, at least not yet, but I challenge you to read this book.” And he left. The book he gave me was The Evidence That Demands A Verdict by John McDowell. It was one of the books, it was one of the steps that lead to my salvation. I later met Josh McDowell in person twice in my life and I may have the privilege of meeting him again this fall.


Well about 14 years later, after I had become a Christian. I came across that book again which I had on my bookshelf and which I had read several times. And I noticed again that that young man had written his name and phone number in the book with a short message. And I thought to myself. Maybe the phone number was still valid or perhaps I could track him down.


Well I call that phone number and he answers the phone. He still had the same telephone number. And I told him, “I don’ t know if you remember me but about 14 years ago, you came to my house on 14th Street as part of an EE team. And I gave your group a very hard time. And he says, “Oh yes, yes I remember you quite well!” At which I laughed and I reminded him how he had given me that book and I said I just wanted to thank him because I had become a born-again Christian.

 And then he said, that’s amazing because he was having a hard time with life, and he went on to tell me that he had been kind of depressed lately about everything and he was even questioning my faith. And then he said, Then here out of the clear blue, you call me up 14 years later!

 Isn’t that amazing! Isn’t God good! I thank the Lord that I listened to the prompting of the Holy Spirit to call that man on that very day. Thank you Lord.

 Well that’s just part of my testimony. I hope you enjoyed it and maybe it will give you hope for some of your relatives or friends whose salvation you are still praying for. Maybe it will take 14 years of prayers or longer so keep praying.


God bless you all.