Computer Tip For Today: The Linux Operating System

My computer tip for today is about using the Linux operating system. All of us are concerned about security when we use our personal computers. And you may have heard that the Mac Operating System is somewhat more secure than Microsoft’s Windows Operating Systems.

Well, the MAC OS is based on UNIX which is an operating system used by businesses for over 40 years. But the MACs are more expensive to purchase and even after you buy a MAC, whenever you want to add some new hardware feature or some new software program, you will find that either that feature is not available on the MAC or the MAC version is much more expensive than the Windows version.

Well here is an alternative; use the Linux operating system. Linux is a free version of Unix. The major versions of Linux are Fedora, Ubuntu and Seuss. Fedora is based on the Red Hat Linux which is not free. And Red Hat by the way is located right here in the triangle. Fedora is very good especially if you are a scientist or a mathematician. But it is the least friendly when doing common things like listening to music or playing videos. You will find that you will struggle to find all the necessary software and licenses to run your common multi-media programs. Seuss is popular in Europe. But Ubuntu is becoming the most popular Linux available because it is the friendliest to use and as most of the features that the average person wants.

So my recommendation is that if you are concerned about security, think about switching to Ubuntu, a free Linux operating system. Along with Ubuntu, I recommend using the free Open Office application suite available from Sun Systems. Open Office has the equivalent programs for doing what Microsoft Office 2007 does and unlike Microsoft Office, Open Office is free. It has a word processing program, a spread sheet and other applications that can do just about everything the Microsoft products do.

 That is my computer tip for the day.