Is God laughing at the evolutionists? 

Posted for the October 25th, 2008 Radio Broadcast:

HaHa. That’s evolution for you.
I’ve told that funny story before but I decided to tell it again today because my main topic today is “Is God laughing at the evolutionists?”

Last week I warned you about the upcoming bi-centennial celebration in February of Charles Darwin and his Theory of Evolution. And I warned you that there is going to be lots of hoopla about this during this next month of February.
Then I told you some interesting stories about Darwin that will probably not be reported in the regular media. The first program was about how Darwin came to contribute and support the South American Christian Missionary Society because the missionaries proved him wrong about the Feugian peoples who Darwin thought were sub-human and whose language of grunts and clicks seemed very primitive and he thought these peoples could never be Christianized. Well these Feugian peoples were not sub-human, and they were Christianized after the Christian Missionaries figured out the language of these people. They had over 30,000 words of grunts and clicks; isn’t that amazing. Scientific linguists have now discovered other such languages around the world and are fascinated by them and called them The Clicking Languages.

Then my second program on Charles Darwin which I called “Charles Darwin: The Struggle For His Eternal Soul”, focused on the emotional and religious influences in his life. How Darwin’s mother died when he was only 8 and how his eldest daughter died when she was only 10. I also told you about some of the significant Christian influences in Darwin’s life as well as the agnostic and atheistic influences in his life.


Before I continue with the life of Charles Darwin, I should explain that Darwin did not come up with the original idea of evolution; no already many of his contemporaries were already discussing the idea that the world came to be in its present state by some natural processes which they called Evolution and not by the direct creation of God. However, Charles Darwin’s significant contribution was his theory of Natural Selection as the biological process that causes species to change and causes new species to originate.

Did you know that Darwin did not publish his famous book until he was fifty years old. Darwin was smart enough to wait until he was older to publish his book “On the Origins of Species”. He waited until after he was already established and respected in the scientific community - with the publication of earlier works about his scientific endeavors. Even then Darwin was not sure how his theory of Natural Selection would be received.

Now the regular media will give you the impression that only recently has there been any opposition to Darwin’s theories. That only the current “crop of Creationists” are against his theories. No, from the very start, Darwin theories were argued over and rejected by many scientists of his day.

Now let’s give Darwin the credit that he is due. He was a good scientist. His book included the results of over 25 years of his research and his data that he started when he was a teenager. And Darwin was an honest scientist. He even mentions in his book some of the weaknesses of his theory. He also knew that his theory of Natural Selection could do harm to the religious beliefs of many people.

And Darwin was certainly correct about one thing: species can change and do change. In fact, it has been said that if Darwin simply changed the title and emphasis of his book from On the Origin of Species to How Species Change, he was over 80% correct even 200 hundred years ago.

As I said, I think Darwin was an honest scientist and he would entertain and consider other ideas not like many of the intolerant scientists and educators today. So I wonder if Darwin was alive today and could see all the current scientific data that we have, I wonder if he would change his mind. Unlikely you say.

This is my reasoning. You see one of the basic flaws of the early evolutionists was that life evolved from simpler forms of life, the one cell marine creatures to the most complex form of life: the monkeys and man. You see they thought these one-cell plants and animals were very simple. But if Charles Darwin could see the knowledge from modern micro-biology, he would be amazed how complex these so called simple one-cell plants and animals are. The one-cell animals have a complex DNA structure, they perform digestion, excretion, transportation, sensation, reproduction, etc all in one cell! Then take the one-cell plants, the chemical interactions of photosynthesis and digestion is highly complex. So I wonder Charles Darwin would now have a different perspective on this presumption that life evolved from simpler forms to more complex forms.

But I think God has a sense of humor, these poor evolutionists work so hard in proving their theory. And the more they discover about God’s world and how complex and elegant God’s design is, the harder they have to work to make their theory work!

You know evolutionist cannot even answer that simple question, “What came first, the chicken or the egg?” We know that God created chickens to lay eggs. But the evolutionists not only can’t answer that simple question, that simple question is a major stumbling block to their theory of evolution and a major argument against Darwin’s theory of Natural Selection.

Take the Bombadier Beetle, it’s my favored example. It’s a beetle that can produce a blast of poisonous gas when its enemies get too close. It’s like a flame thrower. There are two tubes in the beetle body and each secret a different chemical, these chemicals are thrust out a short distance from the beetle body where they interact and explode. Now if these tubes were not positioned just right, the beetle would blow itself up!

I can just imagine a convention of these beetle 100 million years ago in the evolutionary age, and one of them saying, look we just lost another million beetles this year to self-explosions. We all need to try to develop our two tubes to be 1 millimeter or so farther from our bodies. And Bill Bettle has a suggestion that we increase the amount of oxygen content in our left tube to increase the explosive effect. HaHa.

You see how did the beetle know to evolve in this fashion, natural selection simply doesn’t explain such complex design decisions. Evolutionary scientists have to at least admit that if evolution is true, then there must be an Intelligent Designer behind it.

If you want to have some fun, go to my website, and under Scientific Matters look at the article about How Evolution may be true after all for scientist find a watch that evolve all by itself, haha.


Darwin waited another 12 years to publish his more controversial book the Descent of Man. His second book was more controversial because while some Christians might accept the idea of evolution of lower forms of life, man had to be considered a special creation of God. But Darwin’s ideas reduced man to the same level as an animal and while Darwin did not say it directly, though he believed it himself, Darwin rejected the idea of man having a soul. Because did the soul of man evolve just like his body? Did man’s soul develop and progress over millions of years? You see its very hard to resolve the issues raised when you believe in evolution of the physical body and yet believe that man has a spiritual nature and an immortal soul (or even a non-eternal soul).

So you probably will not hear about this aspect of Charles Darwin’s life on the regular media in the comings weeks. I am telling it to you so you can understand Charles Darwin and his agnosticism and how his ideas about Evolution and Natural Selection became his God, his explanation for the way the world came about. Next week, I will bring you my concluding story about Charles Darwin.
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Side note: In the old testament, Jacob and Rachel were first cousins and Rachel was the mother of 3 of the 12 tribes of Israel.

No matter how short or long our lives, God gives everyone a chance for salvation.


WE ARE NOT ANIMALS create, laugh, think, argue, imagine, joke, communicate,

WHERE DID INTELLIGENCE COME FROM? One must at least recognize an intelligent designer (Charles Darwin did). How did matter know to evolve? How did matter know to progress?

PROBLEM OF DETERIORATION Everything is falling apart. The curse of original sin. Second law of thermodynamics. Breaking down into chaos not forming new stuff out of chaos.
Science keeps changing. What is one day called scientific “fact” is disproven and a new theory is proposed and then if enough scientists believe its true they start calling it scientific facts. Saying that evolution is true does not make it so.

Charles Darwin was an honest scientist. He even recognize the problems with his theory of Natural Selection and evolution and it was only a theory, and it still only a theory.

If Charles Darwin changed his name on his book from On the Origin of Species to How Species Change than about 80% of this book as is is correct. Species do change but they do not evolve into new species.

Problem of the lack of transitional forms fossils.

Charles Darwin: Is God Laughing Out Loud?

I always find it amusing when scientist find a species living today that they thought had been extinct for millions of years. And the amazing thing is whenever they find such living fossils as they are called, How come that the ones they find are exactly like the fossils that are claimed to be millions of years old. How come, no changes???

It’s God’s way of laughing at the evolutionists and we can join in on the fun and have a hearty laugh ourselves.

There have been many such discoveries of “living fossils” found over the last 200 years that have embarrassed evolutionary scientists but the one I particularly enjoy is the discovery of a fish in 1938. I will not even attempt to pronounced its scientific name, you will have to visit my website. This fish was thought to have been extinct for at least 80 million years! It was thought to be extinct because it appeared to be a transitional species between sea creatures and the walking tetrapods. So evolutionary scientists thought that these fish became extinct because they had evolved into walking tetrapods. But now they have been recently rediscovered in 1938 alive and well off the coast of Madagascar.

Since 1938, scientists since have studied these rediscovered and living fish since they now know where they can be found.

and that they were never extinct after all. These fish appear to have little legs with the way their 4 fins are structured. Yet in real life, these fish have been observed only to swim, - they sometimes swim backwards and – they sometimes even stand on their heads but they refuse to walk on land or on the bottom of the sea! They only swim with their fins. So much for that theory!

And how come so many species that we do know about today have existed, unchanged through millions of years – even according to the evolutionist scientists.

Even Darwin was puzzled by why of what he though was unique species on the islands of Galapakos islands were still so similar to the species on the mainland of South America. While our house hold cats are different than linons and tigers, they are more similar than different. That is because they are from the same Kind of animal which is called the Cat kind in simple terms.

Hybrid breeding is the proof.

In fact scientists like Charles Darwin help prove the bible. By collecting and classifying and studying species like Darwin did, we prove the concept of KINDs. We know both intuitively as well as scientifically that the household cat is related to the lion. This is the CAT KIND. And that we know that species within a KIND change. Humans can prove that by breeding what is called Hybrid plants and animals. So it solves the problem of Noah and the Ark for example, Noah did not have to take aboard every know variety of a cat kind on a couple of pairs of CATs which came to produce all the variety of cats we have today.

It also solve the problem of how Adam manage to name all the animals in one day, he only had to name all the known Kinds of animals like cats, dogs, horses, etc. He did not have to name wolf, coyote, great dane etc. None of this existed, only the first dog kind existed in the Garden of Eden.

ASSUMPTION THAT LAYERS OF DIRT and ROCK took millions of years


HUXLEY and DARWIN (Jesus and Paul)

WHERE DID WE COME FROM? (<-- Listen to it by clicking on this title.)

 A little girl asked your mother, "Mommy, where did we come from?" Her mother answered, "Honeychild, God created Adam and Eve our first parents. We are descendants from them. We are God's special creatures."

 The little girl was pleased but went and asked her Dad the same question. Her Dad answered, "We evolved from lower forms of life. We descended from monkeys."

 The little girl was confused and went back to her Mom and asked her, "Mommy, Dad says we descended from monkeys?"

 Her mother answered, "Honeychild, I told you the truth about my side of the family!"