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Posted for the February 20th, 2010 Broadcast

Four Men In The Prision  (<-- Listen to it by clicking on this title.)

  Posted for the December 20th, 2008 Broadcast:

The Bible Salesman (<-- Listen to it by clicking on this title.)

Well there was this Yankee Bible salesman who sold bibles in the Boston area for many years. And he noticed as he went around selling his Bibles, that in some churches there was a Golden telephone with a sign on it that read.
Being a good salesman, he never ever questioned the pastor of the churches about such signs because he did not want to jeopardize his sales.
Well this Yankee Bible salesman gets transfer to the South. He’s unhappy at first but manages to do well selling his Bibles to various southern churches. And again, he noticed that in some churches he would see a Golden Telephone with a sign on it which read
Finally his curiosity got the best of him and when he was out in the country selling Bibles to a small church, he decided that it would be safe to ask the pastor of the small country church a question about the Golden Telephone without jeopardizing his sales much. So he asks the Red Neck pastor.
Pastor, I’m a Yankee as you know and I used to sell Bibles up in the Boston area and now I am selling Bibles down here. And I noticed in my travels both up North and in the South, that some churches have a Golden Telephone and up north the sign of the telephone would read DIRECT CALLS TO GOD $100 a minute and down here the sign reads DIRECT CALLS TO GOD 25cents per minute. What’s up with these telephones. Please explain these telephones to me.
The Pastor says, “Son, it’s quite simple. Down here in the South, it’s a local call!”

  Posted for the December 13th, 2008 Broadcast:

I wasn't planning on spending that much money! (<-- Listen to it by clicking on this title.)

Billy Bob and Shirley’s Seventh Anniversary

Billy Bob was married to Shirley for almost 7 years and Billy Bob was doing well in his business and so He wanted to buy something special for his wife on their upcoming seventh anniversary.

So he says to his wife.“Shirley honey, our seventh anniversary is coming up soon. Would you like a brand new red Corvette sports car to drive around in or a diamond necklace wear or how about a Mink coat?”

His wife Shirley answered him, “Billy Bob, what I want, I want a divorce!”

Oh Shirley honey, gee wiz!,

I wasn’t planning on spending that much money!”

J  Posted for the November 22nd, 2008 Radio Broadcast:

COMPUTER NERD IS AFRAID TO FLY! (<-- Listen to it by clicking on this title.)

A computer nerd, who was afraid to fly in airplanes, was walking along the beach in Southern California after a hard day at work. He was hitting the sand with his feet because he was angry and in a grumpy mood after a frustrating day at the office. As he was doing this, he happened to hit a bottle, partially submerged under the sand, and to his amazement, out pops a Genie!

By the Genie is also in a grumpy mood. "Who woke me up from my nap? Oh, its the computer nerd.", he said. "Listen, no three wishes, you only get one and make it quick, I want to get back to my nap."
The computer nerds starts to think as fast has he can.I get only one wish so I better make it good. "OK, I've got one Genie".

"I am a computer nerd and I have always wanted to visit Hawaii but I am afraid to fly. Build me a bridge to Hawaii, so I can drive over there and see the Islands and the beaches over there."

"What!", said the Genie. "Do you know how much concrete and steel it would take to build such a road with supporting structures all the way down to the bottom of the Pacific Ocean? Do you realize the logistics of accomplishing such a feat. No, pick another wish and make it snappy, I want to get back to my nap."

So the computer nerd is thinking as fast as he can. I only get one wish. What should it be.

"OH, I got one Genie! Listen, I am a computer nerd, and women don't like me and I don' t understand them. My wish is that I would understand women and they would like me!"

The Genie looks at the computer nerd for a few seconds and then says:

"Hey computer nerd, that bridge you wanted, do you want it 2 lanes or 4 lanes!!!"

(Yes, it would be easier to build a bridge to Hawaii compared to understanding the opposite sex!)

 Posted for the November 1st, 2008 Radio Broadcast:


Scientists after cloning animals, finally discover after much experimentation that they can create life by using some dirt and water and sapping it with electricity. So they challenge God.

"See God, we really don't need you anymore, we can even create life!"

God said, "Well that's amazing. Let's have a contest in front of some witnesses, you create some life and I will create some life."

The scientists said, "That's fine." And God graciously lets them go first. So one of the scientist starts to pick up a scoop of dirt and God said,

"No, No, No!"  The dirt's mine!  You need to get your own dirt!!!!!!

Posted for the October 25th, 2008 Radio Broadcast:

WHERE DID WE COME FROM? (<-- Listen to it by clicking on this title.)

A little girl asked your mother, "Mommy, where did we come from?" Her mother answered, "Honeychild, God created Adam and Eve our first parents. We are descendents from them. We are God's special creatures."

The little girl was pleased but went and asked her Dad the same question. Her Dad answered, "We evolved from lower forms of life. We descended from monkeys."

The little girl was confused and went back to her Mom and asked her, "Mommy, Dad says we descended from monkeys?"

Her mother answered, "Honeychild, I told you the truth about my side of the family!"

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