Finding Good Family Movies:

 Go to this site to find good movies.

Apologetics, Evangelism and Other Resources:

(Well known international organization of professional and business men who distribute Bibles to hotels, hospitals, prisons.)
 International Bible Society

College Students:

 InterVarsity Christian Fellowship
 Campus Crusade For Christ

Charitable Financial Giving:

We believe that your first priority should be to support your local church. After that there are many outstanding Christian Organizations to give your financial gifts to; but how do you determine what is a good organization? Well, check out this excellent web-site: Wall Watchers
(A good resource to check before you contribute money to any Christian organization.)

Health Resorts: 

 Pritikin Health Resort

A excellent (non-Christian) place in Fort Lauderdale, Florida to improve your health. This is a delightful health center with a slightly Jewish atmosphere (Pritikin was a Jew). Everyone is welcome and the doctors and staff are fantastic.

 Good Local Churches:

 Good Local Churches

 Go to this page to find a good local church.

How To Find A Good Local Church


Christian Retreat Centers:

 The Cove
(Billy Graham's Training & Retreat Center)
 Camp Of The Woods
(An excellent family retreat complex in the Adirondack Mountains of Central New York State)

 Christian Encouragement:

 Focus On The Family
(Have questions? This is an excellent site to seek the answers.)
 The Cross In My Pocket
 Jews For Jesus
(The tremendous growth of Messianic Jewish groups around the world is another indication of beginning of the end times.)
 Promise Keepers
(A Christian Men's Group)



Traffic Information (WEB CAMS to view local traffic cameras):

 Go to this site for NC traffic. Select your region like TRIANGLE and then click on the Blue Camera Icons to view the actual traffic cameras: 
 This is a good national traffic site and most services are free:
 This is also a good national traffic site but to view the Traffic Cameras now requires a paid subscription (it use to be free). But this site still has a lot of free information on traffic conditions.