Planned Future Broadcasts:

Great Sermons by Various Preachers Series:

Why did Yeshua (Jesus) wrestle with Jacob? "You will no longer be called Jacob (schemer) but Israel!" by Pastor Sam McGarvey (North Ridge Church)

Topics for the future broadcasts are:

"What about Carbon-14 dating? How accurate is it?"

"Friday Night: Izabella's Story"

"Charles Darwin, a racist?"

"C.S. Lewis vs Freud"

"Was there once a common language?"

"The Earth is not flat!"

"'Inherit The Wind' movies: Truth or Fiction"

"The brave servant girl and the General."

"Does sin cause disease?"

"One way to beat depression!"

"Another way to beat depression!"

"My story, how I got started in Radio."

"Can one really sweat blood?"

"Blood and water."

"Crossing the Red Sea and finding the holy mountain of God. (Part II)"

"Where did those 'three' wise men come from? (Part II)"

"The Star of Bethlehem"

"The Grinch did not steal Christmas, the Devil did!"