Note: There was a correction/rebuttal sent in by a listener which is as follows:

"In attempting to explain one error, about salt losing its saltiness, you have made another scientific misstatement. Your post states that if salt is exposed to humid air the salt will evaporate. That is not the case. It may absorb the water and dissolve, but for it to evaporate it would have to be heated close to its boiling point. The boiling point of sodium chloride, common salt, is 2575 degrees F. This high boiling point is one of the reasons that salt mines have been proposed as disposal sites for nuclear waste: Even as the radioactive material produces heat, the salt will not melt or boil."

Response: In the near future this article will be corrected to use more accurate words to describe the point that I was making.

A Quick Science and the Bible Item: The Saltiness of Salt
(Copyright @2009 by John Gaydos, All rights reserved.)

Many years ago, some scientists in looking for any way to disprove the Bible, would quote Luke 14:34 where Jesus says:
“Salt is good, but if it loses its saltiness how can it be made salty again? It is fit neither for the soil nor for the manure pile: it is thrown out.”

And these scientists would say, “How can salt lose its saltiness? Salt is salt. And saltiness, its salty taste, is a characteristic of salt. Hence the Bible must be wrong .”

Well you dummy scientists, the salt that people had in those days was not the highly refined salt we have today. It was a rock salt. Somewhat similar to the rock salt we use in making Ice Cream or the kind we throw down on our sidewalks to melt ice and to provide traction.

If the salt in rock salt is washed away, one is left with only a few small bits of rock. Or if you leave rock salt out exposed to humid air, the salt will evaporate and again you will only be left with a few small pieces of rock. Even today, the refined salt that you buy at the grocery store still has small pieces of rock in it – just look at it closely or examine it under a microscope! You will be surprised what you may find in it!

What Jesus is saying here is this - that we Christians need to be the salt and light of the world. We need to make the world tasty to the Lord.
And if we do not do this, if we are not the salt and light of the world, we are useless and we will be thrown out. We won’t even make it to the manure pile!

Boy, that is a pretty strong warning to us. Be the salt and the light of this world – a world that desperately needs us to be good Christian examples.