Health Tip For The Day

(The Billy Graham Cove

How is the health of your marriage?
How is your spiritual health in general?

I have a great tip for you. And it would make a fantastic Christmas present.
Make reservations to take your spouse for a weekend at THE COVE.
THE COVE is Billy Graham’s Christian retreat center in the mountains of North Carolina near Ashville, NC.

The accommodations are four stars, the food is excellent and the seminars are great. The Cove is located in a beautiful spot on the side of a mountain where you can take daily hikes. Come to the Cove to revive your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health! So revive your marriage and your spiritual life, take a retreat to the mountains this next year.

And you don’t necessarily have to sign up for one of their marriage seminars, attending any one of their weekend semiars is guaranteed to revived your spiritual life as well as your marriage.

A weekend at the Cove costs about $500 per couple. Yes, that’s expensive but well worth it. Some seminars are cheaper and you can save money by staying at a local hotel rather than at the Cove itself. Then it’s just a short drive to the Cove Convention Center each day. And you can save more money by eating in the local fast food restaurants. But if you can afford it, stay at the Cove. Everything there is done first class.

And if you cannot afford to go to the Cove at all, here is my second health tip for the day which you should do each day even if you go to the Cove.

I am going to tell you about two simple things that you can do each day which will almost guarantee that you will not get divorced and that you will have a health marriage. These two things are:
Read the Bible with your spouse each day!
Pray with your spouse each day!
Yes, those two things have been documented scientifically to produce a stable marriage. Isn’t that amazing! God’s Word is always stronger than we think.

God bless you and your marriage.