Posted 15-Nov-2008

If you use an Indoor TV Antenna, like I do, to receive Television Broadcasts, you may want to consider purchasing an antenna that is better suited for receiving digital broadcasts. I personally use a TERK digital indoor antenna.

To maximize your TV signal, point your indoor antenna in the direction of the TV transmitter. To find out the location of Television Station Transmitters in your area, go to this web site: and enter your street address. Then this web-site will display a map showing where all the local TV transmitters are in relation to your house; isn't that neat! Use the map to point your indoor antenna in the direction of the TV station you want to receive. Or pick a direction that will allow you to receive the most TV stations at the best reception possible for your home location. Print out the map and keep it near your TV.

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I also purchased the following converter box so that I can now receive digital television broadcasts on my current TV:

       Digital Stream DTX9950 Converter Box

The advantage of this converter box and some others like it, is that it has an Analog Passthru feature. This allows me to view Analog TV stations that have not yet converted to Digital as well as allowing me to continue to receive those Low Powered (LP) or repeater television stations that will continue to broadcast in analog for some time after February 17, 2009.

This converter box sells for $60 but I only paid $20 for it after using the government $40 rebate coupon available at

(Note: Most television stations will be broadcasting in digital on February 17, 2009. But in most locations you can already receive digital broadcasts. Go to for more information)