Posted for the November 22nd, 2008 Radio Broadcast:

COMPUTER NERD IS AFRAID TO FLY! (<-- Listen to it by clicking on this title.)

A computer nerd, who was afraid to fly in airplanes, was walking along the beach in Southern California after a hard day at work. He was hitting the sand with his feet because he was angry and in a grumpy mood after a frustrating day at the office. As he was doing this, he happened to hit a bottle, partially submerged under the sand, and to his amazement, out pops a Genie!

By the Genie is also in a grumpy mood. "Who woke me up from my nap? Oh, its the computer nerd.", he said. "Listen, no three wishes, you only get one and make it quick, I want to get back to my nap."
The computer nerds starts to think as fast has he can.I get only one wish so I better make it good. "OK, I've got one Genie".

"I am a computer nerd and I have always wanted to visit Hawaii but I am afraid to fly. Build me a bridge to Hawaii, so I can drive over there and see the Islands and the beaches over there."

"What!", said the Genie. "Do you know how much concrete and steel it would take to build such a road with supporting structures all the way down to the bottom of the Pacific Ocean? Do you realize the logistics of accomplishing such a feat. No, pick another wish and make it snappy, I want to get back to my nap."

So the computer nerd is thinking as fast as he can. I only get one wish. What should it be.

"OH, I got one Genie! Listen, I am a computer nerd, and women don't like me and I don' t understand them. My wish is that I could understand women and they would like me!"

The Genie looks at the computer nerd for a few seconds and then says:

"Hey computer nerd, that bridge you wanted, do you want it 2 lanes or 4 lanes!!!"

(Yes, it would be easier to build a bridge to Hawaii compared to understanding the opposite sex!)